About Us

Welcome to Carol B. Creation

We are a small business selling quality, fashionable jewelry to women around the country. With a range of styles to suit all occasions, our collection is versatile, classy, and tasteful, helping to enhance your outfit every day. At Carol B. Creation, we love uplifting women’s self-confidence. We believe that personable and hand-selected jewelry is the perfect accessory to help you express yourself and feel proud of the way you look. Through our collection, we are building a community of customers who love how adaptable our products are.

After having 2 years spent in this celestial on that journey of Self Love, Discovery and constant healing. I have found my soul passionate and my energies tempted to help women and girls heal their hustle, overcome their fears and learn to believe in themselves! It couldn’t have been possible to understand these deep human emotions and help cope with them if not for my own holistic, and spiritual rituals of healing and self-discovery.

What we sell

We sell various jewelry styles, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Our fashionable items are known to fit with any outfit and make even the most casual fashion look stylized, professional, and chick.

Our jewelry collection includes items from the Paparazzi Collection, with most pieces starting at $5.00 and the unique Z-Collection at $25.00 per item.

Explore our range of gold and silver pieces, pendants, chains, matching sets, beaded necklaces, posts, hoops, and more. We are proud to offer the greatest variety to fit the style of any customer who comes our way.

Carol B. Creation is Where Beauty Matters, and we guarantee you will find something in our collection that suits your needs.

Our customers

We love to offer our collection to women of all ages across the country. With a breadth of styles, there is truly something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a piece for a special event, an important business meeting, or dinner with friends, our collection offers items to enhance your look.

Feel free to purchase a piece and step out of your comfort zone or shop in a way that fits your perfect style needs. We love to see how our customers experiment with fashion and bring their looks to life with our jewelry.

Why you should shop with us

Customer service is our top priority, so you can be sure that by shopping with Carol B. Creation, you are setting yourself up for success. We are here to help our customers find what they need to match that perfect dress. At affordable prices, you can buy all the options you need and pick out a range of styles for several occasions.

Who we are

Carol B. Creation is a small jewelry business founded and owned by Carol Burton. Looking to offer beautiful accessories for an affordable price, Carol decided to start her jewelry store to help women express themselves through fashion. With a collection that includes famous Paparazzi jewelry, she has displayed her pieces at conventions across the country and sold them to hundreds of women nationwide.